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Better Industry Initiative

FREE online training for individuals, academic and private organisations

The Better Industry Initiative provides free quality training resources, relevant to the prerequisites, challenges and goals of clinical researchers and thereby encourages the professional development of current and future clinical research practitioners. The ultimate goal of the Bii is to better serve patients by equipping future and current industry professionals with more refined skills and workflow efficiency tools, in order to achieve better results.


  • Because we believe that our efforts can contribute to making the clinical research industry safer for patients through improved professional knowledge.
  • Because academic institutions and their students, as well as the industry, can benefit from current and future professionals that are better trained, have completed relevant industry-required training and are perfectly aware of industry regulations and requirements.
  • Because we have the capacity and resource needed to leave our mark on the industry


  • free training resources for individuals and organisations
  • partnerships with academic institutions to allow their students free access to our commercial online training portfolio, as well as free training resources
  • allowing users and organisations to contribute to expanding Bii portfolio of free training resources

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Free Training For:

Students and Academic Staff

Free training and certification for students and academic staff

Astra Nova's contributions to the world of clinical trials revolves around providing future professionals with practical knowledge in advance of launching one's career. In a bid to reward academic perseverance and achievement, Astra Nova intends to partner with academic bodies, in order to provide free access to its commercial learning resources and set of free industry training, to academic institutions and organisations. Terms and conditions apply.

See list of free courses below, or certified online courses in Online Courses section

Through these training courses, students will improve their knowledge of the industry and will gain the skills and experience expected by potential employers in the pharmaceutical research, biotechnology or medical device sectors. Upon completion, learners will:

  • obtain professional certification
  • attain the skills necessary to design conduct and analyse translational research studies
  • interpret, apply and disseminate research findings

Science graduates, who complete the programme, will have an added advantage over their peers, greatly improving their employment possibilities within the clinical research industry.

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Private organisations

Access free industry courses for all your staff

Private organisations can take advantage of the BetterIndustry Initiative, by registering a free corporate account and gaining access to an ever growing list of free training resources. The training resources will improve the qualification of professionals and will introduce them to up-to-date industry laws and regulations on a wide range of important subjects, such as GCP, Informed consent, GMP, GDP etc. Our aim is to help organisations improve efficiency through qualification, at no cost.

  • free access to training resources on our LMS
  • administer, track and monitor individual and group performance
  • unlimited number of registered users

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Individual users

Increase your qualification at no cost

Individual users can also register for the Better Industry Initiative in a few simple steps. One registration will allow single users access to a set of free learning resources, that can be access for an unlimited period of time. The set of training courses is ideal for newcomers to the clinical research and pharmaceutical industries, as well as a refresher tool for experienced professionals.

However, the Bii courses do not provide official certification. For more information about certification, please visit Online Courses page.

Benefits for Individual Users:

  • get a better understanding of key industry laws and regulations
  • improve knowledge in important areas
  • complimentary tool for audit and inspections preparation

Please see below all currently available free courses that we offer.

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Bii approved
3-6 hours
Training overview

This completely FREE Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training provides access to the GMP guidelines in a well-structured and user friendly way and reads theInternational GMP regulations, which have been adopted by local legislation worldwide. This training tool will help you understand the step-by-step process of production and testing practice that helps to ensure a quality product.

Why take this course

  • Official Guideline to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Broad Glossary with professional terms
  • Useful documents and links to helpful resources
  • Online exam to test your knowledge of the subject

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Pharmaceutical Quality System
  • Personnel
  • Premises and equipment
  • Documentation
  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Contract Manufacture and Analysis
  • Complaints and Product Recall
  • Self-Inspection
Why is GCP certification important?
A general GMP inspections are carried out by regulatory bodies such as MHRA, FDA or EMA, to assess the degree of conformity to prescribed standards of good manufacturing practice and to assess compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements, for example, licence provisions. Most professionals working in organisations that must be GMP compliant are expected to be able to provide an individual or group certificate as a proof of compliance. To obtain an internationally valid GMP certificate, please register for the full GMP online training.
Certification and Accreditation
If you need to learn how to apply the regulations reviewed in the FREE ICH-GCP course and obtain an international ICH-GCP certificate, please register for the FULL ICH-GCP online. The FULL course has been developed by top industry experts and explains how GCP regulations apply in professionals’ day-to-day activities and contains a lot of interactive content including videos, case studies, graphics etc.

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