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Astra Nova Training is a leading training and certification provider for Clinical Research Organisations, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies
Office in Sofia
Who we are
We are Astra Nova. We have been training and certifying clinical research professionals since our establishment in 2008 in London. Our operation has grown to encompass a next generation online training platform, an international network of 148 of the top industry experts and a library of free learning resources for students, academics and industry professionals. Our passion for knowledge goes beyond the traditional, and our business model strives to bring innovation and recognition to those that need to acquire industry skills and certification. The training solutions that we develop are internationally recognised and approved by institutions such as The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom, ACRES and Transcelerate. Our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts resulted in the “Better Industry Initiative” – an ever-growing source of free learning resources used by 25,000 students and industry professionals worldwide.
Astra Nova Training represents a leading certification and training provider for Clinical Research Organisations as well as Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies. The organisation understands and values its customers and therefore demonstrates a blend of high-class services which satisfy and even exceeds the expectations of the client. Each training offers in-depth information and covers topics which are relative to the developing Pharmaceutical, Medical and Clinical sector.
- General Manager, Ivan Lekushev
What We Do
We drive technological progress and innovation in the pharmaceutical and clinical research education. We have the pleasure to work with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable industry specialists, who develop content, which we combine with our learning methodologies and technological solutions. Our online courses, webinars, in-house training and workshops are transforming the way the industry experiences learning, certification and career development.
Our Vision
Our vision is that any industry should facilitate the personal and professional development of its members. We believe that they are positioned at the heart of every business and are one of the key reasons for the development of a particular company or organization. Therefore, we strive to be the example that we want to see.
Our mission is to be a driver of progress, not a follower. To innovate, not to replicate. To improve, not to drag behind. To expose professionals to opportunities, not to limited choices. We develop smart business strategies that empower people to optimise their potential. We want to inspire them and present them to a world of choices and not barriers because we believe in their potential.
Our Mission
Our Achievements
ACRES: Astra Nova has earned the privilege to be part of the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES).
TransCelerate: Believing in their mission related to clinical development, Astra Nova officially receives a TransCelerate membership.
HM Government G-cloud
Government Procurement Service: Astra Nova is an official Government Supplier for the G-Cloud 5 Framework.
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