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Corporate Solutions

Since Astra Nova’s establishment we have delivered multiple corporate training programmes to companies and institutions like Roche, Novartis, Ray CRO, Quintiles, Danone, Hays Pharma, the United Nations, Median Technologies and many more. With the help of International Network of Trainers and our adaptive Learning Management System we are able to compliment your multinational business activities and to enable you to improve your overall performance, while ensuring full compliance with global regulations.

Here is how we guarantee your trainings’ success:

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  • Professional training consultancy
  • Minimum 3 different proposals
  • Combination of
    face-to-face, online and
    webinar training solutions
  • Full technical and customer
    support via live chat,
    phone and e-mail
  • Choice between a
    variety of local and
    international experts
  • Feedback submission
  • Language versions
    and customisation
  • Certification and accreditation
  • Flexibility of expiration and
    duration of online training
  • Delivery of training and
    technical implementation
    to existing platforms
  • Additional free online training
    resources provided by the Bii
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Which training programme suits you the most?

Annual training programme

We set up a full training schedule covering online and face-to-face training solutions to respond to your annual qualification needs. With our consultancy and expertise, we focus on not only delivering the required training topics, but also on engaging your staff with full practical understanding of key areas of your business and potential.

International training programme

Our in-house and online training solutions are highly effective for the training of numerous professionals located at multiple sites. We posses the skills and capacity to coordinate multiple training events simultaneously, ensuring that each training session is individually tailored and your staff properly trained and certified.

Local training programme

The International Network of Trainers provides you with experts in every single corner of the Earth. They are able to provide not only local insights, but also valuable international know-how. Our online platform can be also a perfect match if you need a flexible and cost-effective training solution.

Online training programme

We have a portfolio of online courses covering technical, regulatory and soft skills training topics which can be implemented into any existing platform. If you choose to have a corporate account on Astra Nova Learning Management System, you will be also able to deliver training automatically, control the learning progress and extract useful reports and data when expecting audits and inspections.

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Astra Nova is an organisation that has stood to its reputation of a leading industry training provider. Being an ACRES partner ensures that Astra Nova's portfolio of courses and services complies with the high standards that ACRES stands for to our members - leading pharmaceutical and clinical research organisations.
Carl Carter Testimonial about Astra Nova
Carl Carter General Manager Clan International, UK
Astra Nova’s Service is 10 out of 10. It’s given me the flexibility to train my employees who work across the transport Industry in storing, shipping and transporting Pharmaceutical’s and all levels. An excellent module with benefits to all that use it, simple, robust and educational. I absolutely recommend it.
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