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How can webinars help you in the pharmaceutical industry?

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Published - 22.Mar.2017

Keeping up to date with the latest research and information is vital for pharmaceutical professionals to ensure they are providing the best possible products and service.


Webinars are a brilliant way to do this. As a knowledge sharing platform, they allow industry leaders to give insight and educate those working within the pharmaceutical sector. This keeps you up to date with areas such as drug discovery, drug development, drug formulation, clinical development, and clinical trials.


Each of our webinar lasts approximately 60 minutes and gives attendees a chance to hear the latest from top pharmaceutical leaders on a variety of different topics. Their interactive nature allows you to ask questions, respond to polling questions and access downloadable content, all from the comfort of your home or office. The webinar is then hosted online which means that if you cannot attend the live event you are able to listen at a later date.


If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge and hearing the latest in pharmaceutical research visit the Business Review Webinars website here:


Here are a few of our upcoming webinars:


Patient Engagement and Remote Research – What We Know Now – eClinical Health, 23rd March

Strategies for More Complex Bioanalysis– Gyros Protein Technologies, 23rd March

The Biosimilars Landscape – What All Developers Need To Know – Covance, 27th March

Expedite Your Early Drug Development with Unique Pre-Formulation Techniques – Catalent, 28th March

From Formulation to Insight – PerkinElmer, 28th March

Automated Purity and Integrity Check of Gene Therapy Vectors – Vironova, 6th April

Spray Dried Biologics: Formulation and Process Considerations – Capsugel, 11th April


Keep yourself informed!



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