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The minimum of qualification requirements for becoming a Clinical Research Manager

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Published - 05.Aug.2014

Many clinical research professionals become promoted or advance to the higher level supervisory positions after gaining additional qualifications and experience in clinical research. The Clinical Research Managers have a certain set of educational and qualification requirements they have to cover so they can get such positon in the first place and then have a successful career.

But let’s first define what the Clinical Research Manager does. He leads programs to develop and trial new drugs. He is responsible for managing the clinical monitoring process and the administration of clinical trials. The manager supervises CRAs in in-house and on-site monitoring, filing, and clinical trial administration.

As the interest is growing we have prepared a short list for you with qualifications that a clinical research professional should have in order to become a Clinical Research Manager:

  1. High education: Requires a master’s degree/Ph.D
  2. Work experience:  At least 5 years of experience in the field or in a related area (but in some cases there can be only 2-3 required)
  3. Certification: Certification in Oversees adherence to SOPs, Good Clinical Practice and FDA regulations also benefits applicants for clinical research manager positions, and some employers require applicants to have a certification in clinical research from approved organizations that offer certification courses and examinations. Whatever course you decide to take it is essential to have a recognized certificate.
  4. Technical Qualification: Many employers require individuals to be proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook etc.
  5. Other skills and experiences: Team management, Project management, communication, compliance, experience with creating proposals and presentations.


As per the last statistics Clinical Research Manager earn above the National Average in most countries of the world which makes it a very good-looking position, besides the fact that is one major step in having a career in the clinical research industry. As Astra Nova Training is working with more than 140 pharma experts that are top speakers, auditors, head of clinical operation etc. we will be sharing with you the different things that helped these people to grow and develop their professional career.


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