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Subscription Plans: What are the benefits?

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Published - 30.Jan.2017

Subscriptions are becoming a growing trend in almost every industry. This comes as no surprise as behind this trend there is a number of benefits for both business and customers. Same applies to the Clinical and Research sector. As we know, in order to upgrade their knowledge and keep their skills sharp, practitioners look for the best online courses, seminars and consultancies that will help them accomplish all of this. With plenty of options out there, choosing the right training program quite often depends on the price, duration, available discounts or plans for subscriptions. But what exactly are the advantages of subscription models? What makes them so convenient to consumers?

To begin with, these are options that enable users to benefit from periodic access or use to specific service, product or different set of goods. When it comes to trainings, instead of selling and distributing them one by one, training providers allow clients to subscribe and purchase a group of the most useful training programs according to their needs and previous experience. To give you a clear idea of what makes subscription models so beneficial, let’s look at the big picture and see what these models offer in general.

  • Freedom of choice

Subscriptions to online clinical research courses give users the opportunity to choose and make the right decision as to what topic or plan fits their requirements the most. They can select a plan that grants them access to a set of courses for a month, six months, a year or more. Consumers can design their own experience and way of learning with just a few clicks.

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  • Convenience

If customers plan to buy trainings on a regular basis for a continuous period of time, subscriptions are just the right way to get a cost-efficient solution. Sometimes, owners of research companies require group trainings for individuals who work in different departments. Because different members of staff have different responsibilities, there is a need of different training. Some may require GMP qualification, while others GCP. The commitment to purchasing a package of several training courses, then, will provide them with the convenience to save a lot of time and resources by choosing affordable plans.

  • Importance and exclusivity

Often, it’s all about how companies treat their clients. With subscription plans, users can really feel that they are important and significant to core business values. Subscribing to specific training solutions may result in additional exclusive offers and information about early birds. And what is more, subscriptions turn into an excellent way to bridge the gap between company and client. In this sense, one of the advantages of subscribing to such services is that they offer the ability for both sides to establish a two-way communication through this channel.

  • Variety and flexibility

One of the most challenging aspects when it comes to choosing a regular online course, is to select what course people need. For some, the best solution might be a refresher course. For others, the best option is to gain professional online training. Then, some people may need both options. With subscription to a group of courses, users get the necessary flexibility and variety that everyone needs.

Having acknowledged the importance of such plans, we are now offering several subscriptions options. They include Basic, Plus, Advanced and Premium packages. Users can benefit from a number of courses and types of trainings. More information about the subscription plans’ validity, prizes and courses which they include is available in the link bellow.


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