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Josefina Nilsson
Head of EM Services

Automated Purity and Integrity Check of Gene Therapy Vectors


Gene therapy vector manufacturing is highly complex. Researchers focusing in Analytics are challenged to develop methods that both visualize and provide reproducible and quantitative data on purity and particle integrity. This data is critical in small-scale model verification and rapid problem-solving to secure robust scale up to full scale manufacturing.

MiniTEM™ is a compact low-voltage transmission electron microscope system designed for nanoparticle characterization that is easy to operate. The high-quality images it automatically acquires reveal particle morphologies that can be transformed into accurate metrics.

Learn more how MiniTEM offers objective and reliable visual and quantitative information on particle integrity, size and purity of virus and virus like structures.

Presented by

Josefina Nilsson

Head of EM Services

Dr. Josefina Nilsson joined Vironova in 2007, at an early phase of the company. She has since then served to shape the company’s evolving services and solutions related to sub-visible particle characterization for the pharmaceutical industry.

Vironova is a Swedish company offering unique services for nanoparticle -characterization and viral clearance testing together with hardware and software solutions for advanced electron microscopy image analysis.

Martin Ryner

Manager Strategic Development, Vironova AB

One of the pioneers behind the Vironova software inventions for analyzing and quantifying viral structures in electron microscopy imagery. At Vironova Martin has been managing system development and techniques for data mining, machine learning and viral expression measurements.

Before joining Vironova Martin has also developed E-commerce models for Retail industry and control systems for industry automation. Martin has a solid foundation in applied mathematics from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden.

Learning objectives
  • How MiniTEM saves more than 60 hours compared to manual TEM operation by automatically image, detect and classify gene therapy vector particles.
  • How a metric is applied to compare purity of samples after different downstream steps
  • How a metric is applied to measure and compare particle integrity in purified samples.
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