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Mr. Bernhard Bauer
Customs Solutions Consultant

Optimised Customs Clearance for Global Pharma Players


An automated customs management solutions to save time and money!

Every country has different customs and trade regulations. From the European Union Customs Code to Canadian CSA processes to the US ABI or Thailand FZ requirements.

With each border crossed there are national regulations as well as related costs to consider: whether it is correctly classifying your goods, properly calculating origin, complying with varying and changing import and export customs regimes or export control regulations.

During this webinar we will demonstrate solutions that help you leverage the similarities within global customs laws and standardize global business processes, based on a single technology platform supporting more than 45 countries.

This includes a solution which enables the automatic creation of an import filing from the export filing for inter-company shipments, as well as electronic links to logistics and customs service providers (brokers, carriers, etc.) resulting in:

  • Significant reduction in the number of system interfaces
  • Increased data quality and compliance with reduced costs
  • Centralized process control and process flow standardization
  • Ability to use export data for e.g. import security filing prior to cargo arrival

Sign up for this webinar to learn how you can automate your global trade processes, leading to financial and precious time savings while ensuring increased compliance.

Presented by

Mr. Bernhard Bauer,
Customs Solutions Consultant

Bernhard Bauer has been working for MIC as a Customs Solutions Consultant since the beginning of 2012. He could since gain and apply his experience in successful GTM projects with large international clients.

He holds a Master’s degree in Business Information Technology and looks back at 10 years of experience working for an international company in the automation industry as a Product and Key Account Manager.

Learning objectives
  • How a global customs platform can help you to automate, standardize and optimize customs processes.
  • Integrating a global customs system into your supply chain while leveraging regional legal requirements.
  • How a Global Trade Data Chain helps you to keep track of the entire customs process to ensure transparency.
  • How to reduce customs management costs and speed up cargo movement whilst minimizing compliance risks.
  • Head of Global Supply Chain
  • Head of Global Logistics
  • Head of Global Trade Compliance
  • Head of Global Customs
  • Head of Global IT
  • Head of Global Sourcing
  • Head of Global Purchasing
  • Head of Global Procurement
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