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Amélie Boulais
Vaccine Platform Marketing Manager

Viral Vector Bioprocessing: Innovations and Challenges


Viral vectors have become one of the most rapidly evolving and promising fields in vaccinology and regenerative medicine. As the industry continues to grow, biopharmaceutical manufacturers are developing, optimizing and scaling-up production processes to establish or expand viral vector production facilities. Viral based-processes are challenging to develop because each vector has its own properties. How then should process development scientists and engineers approach the development of a viral vector platform, knowing that each process is unique?

This webinar will give you an overview of Sartorius’ platform approach to process development. This approach allows companies to reduce the time required to bring their products to the clinic and to market while providing them with consistent process performance.

The presenter will describe the toolbox of technologies and services proven to be efficient in the development, production and analysis of viral vector processes. The performance of a single-use viral vector platform will be illustrated by a case study based on adenoviruses.

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Presented by

Amélie Boulais,

Vaccine Platform Marketing Manager

Amélie Boulais started her collaboration with Sartorius in 2008 as Application Specialist for the Purification Technologies division, responsible for Southern Europe. In 2012, she became membrane chromatography and virus clearance project manager, covering Europe. She was focusing on polishing and virus clearance. She became part of the Process Development Consultant team in 2015, supporting and advising actors of the biopharma industry in their development from Upstream to final filling operations.  She joined the Bioprocess Platform team in 2016, taking over the responsibility of vaccine applications. She is analysing the trends of the vaccine industry in order to develop fully scalable platforms with the required associated process development support and related services for vaccine applications. Amélie graduated from ENSTBB (Biotechnology Engineering Institute of Bordeaux, France) and holds a Biotechnology Engineer degree.

Learning objectives
  • Developing viral vector processes
  • Configuring process scale equipment for viral vector manufacturing
  • Tools to speed-up process development
  • Outlook on latest innovations for process intensification
  • Process Development Scientists
  • Process Development Managers
  • Process Engineers
  • Engineering Directors
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