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Published - 26.Aug.2014

It has already been that way, but more so as of recently, all involved in clinical trials in any way are subjected to inspections and audits by different regulatory bodies, anywhere in the world. Now the new clinical trials regulations coming in and with the enhancement of the standard requirements it is a sure indicator that inspections and audits will increase for anybody whose work is related to clinical trials.

What are the best ways to deal with the boom of inspections that is coming? Our team here at Astra Nova firmly believes that qualification and preparation are the best ways of how anyone can handle this seamlessly. That is why we try to keep you prepared at all times with our Preparing for Regulatory Audits (PRA) Online Training, which aims to do exactly that.

It can also be purchased now as part of a Silver, Gold or Platinum package, which come at a 15%, 20%, 25% discount on all trainings, like GCP, GLP, GPvP and all other trainings which are there to keep you qualified and prepared for anything that might come your way. Check out our Online Training portfolio and decide for yourself which is the best option for you!

Knowing that most people in the clinical research industry have to deal with a number of things, as a result of the many aspects that clinical research can have, our packages can be combined in any way that our clients want, for example – GLP + GCP + PRA for somebody in the investigator role, that has direct contact with the subjects and the medicinal drugs and is directly responsible for how the trial is going. Pharmacovigilance training can be added as well, depending on the role and the need for it.

For someone that handles just manufacturing and distribution, a choice of GMP + GDP + PRA would be great, as all necessary standards can be covered and top-level preparations can be in place, with a 20% discount on all trainings!

Our Training Packages give you the choice to get the exact qualification you need for just the things that you are responsible for, personalization of training has always been our goal. Our team here at Astra Nova Training hopes to achieve exactly that, by putting the choice in your hands!


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