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Published - 09.Sep.2014

Astra Nova Training aims to remain always prepared when it comes to practical and theoretical understanding of any and all compliance issues in the world of Clinical Research.  We are able to provide the industry with more knowledge and help professionals grasp a better understanding of hot topics in the industry right now and will continue to do so in the future.

As an essential part of our Better Industry Initiative, we now offer a wide range of absolutely free webinars, with top industry speakers who will discuss different topics and answer questions from people from all over the world.

We already have a lot of webinars scheduled for this month (September 2014), which include a wide variety of topics, such as Navigating the complexity of global supply chains, Bringing Clinical Trials Up to Date and Up to Speed and many others.

Any subject that is somehow important, we aim to cover and keep all of you prepared and qualified for anything that might come your way, and we try to do that by providing you with as much free training resources as we have. The Better Industry Initiative aims to leave a mark on the industry and you can benefit from it to the full extent.

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