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Update Your Knowledge about Good Distribution Practices and Regulations with the GDP Free Training Course

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Published - 09.Sep.2013

New GDP (Good Distribution Practice) Training has just been released by Astra Nova. The new course is now available in the online learning management system of the company and is completely free. The training is fully interactive and is prepared to cover all newly applied Guidelines for GDP. It is also a guide about all the important aspects of keeping up to the terms and regulations coming into place from the 8th of September 2013.

The new and completely free GDP training course can be accessed at:

Free GDP training course

Being a free course, the new GDP training does not provide an official certificate. However organizations and individuals can easily get familiar with the new GDP guidelines and test their knowledge with the help of a number of useful exercises, included in the contents of the course. Online training allow students to learn at their own pace and fit the training in with their individual working and home lives, studying when it suits them.

All organizations who prefer face-to-face experience and enjoy in-house training can contact Astra Nova and arrange a custom solution that will suit their needs on any pharmaceutical topic.

Astra Nova is a leading training provider for the pharmaceutical, clinical research and biotech industries, organizing custom and off the shelf in-house training solutions, online courses and webinars as well as conferences and seminars.


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