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Online Training vs In-house Training: Which is better?

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Published - 02.Dec.2015
Online Training vs In-house Training Which is better

Learning is part of the dynamics of our everydayness and it has a major impact on our personal or professional life. People sign up for various courses and trainings in order to acquire new skills, enhance or reinforce what they already know and polish what they are not so familiar with. Such educational programs are no exception for the Pharmaceutical and Clinical industry. In this regard, the more experienced and knowledgeable sponsors and researchers are, the smoother all the processes will be, and the more productive the clinical trial, for example, is going to be. Of course, trainings should tackle relevant topics, because staying abreast with the newest and most actual tendencies is what really matters in such highly competitive business. Isn’t that right?

It is true that the online environment is always changing due to its dependence on technologies. And when technologies shift, develop and alter, of course sides which rely on them will move along and follow the lead. And that is kind of logical. Continuously though, the online environment offers a number of learning opportunities to take advantage of. The best part is that it is really adjustable and provides with a range of channels, features and tools to choose from which perfectly fit the individual learning style of a person. There are simply no limits. From online courses to in-house trainings – the abundance of learning ways is there.

Online Trainings vs In-house Trainings

While both of them can present with cost- and time-efficacy, there are some very specific differences between in-house courses and those based online. But what exactly are they? What are the elements which differentiate the two types?

  • Online trainings enable participants to attend an event in their own time and in some cases such events are free of charge. There are no strict time frames for attending, and even if there are, people can choose to replace this course with the same one at another hour. People can simply work at their own pace.
  •  In-house trainings, on the other hand, can be specifically tailored for one business or another so that the goals and purposes of that business can be met. The narrowed down and rather specific focus of such trainings gives a chance to participants to discuss sensitive subjects and even competitive issues or challenges.
  • Online learning is a good method for self-motivation because it is the person who gets to decide when to register for a course and how much efforts and time to invest in it.
  •  In-house programs, however, offer a chance for people to work together and create networking. Moreover, it can really boost better team work and can also encourage better awareness of what everyone’s role is. In essence, the first way of learning is about provoking your own capabilities, while the latter is more about interaction between colleagues.

With this being said, the demand for additional courses by individuals or group of people is increasing. Still, it depends entirely on the preferences of a person what type of training he or she wants to receive. Online courses and in-house trainings carry some similarities but they are considered to exhibit some very pivotal differences too. Despite that, both types of learning can be really beneficial for attendees.

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