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Andreas Wiesner
Global Product Manager Protein Production Media Services, Sartorius Stedim Biotech

DoE for Media Optimization – A Space to Call Your Own


The competitive pressure in the Biopharmaceutical market is promising to become fierce over the course of the next few years. The industry is challenged on finding innovative, more complex and better treatments for a broader selection of indications while joining the race of being the first to commercialize competitive drugs. Becoming faster, more flexible and more knowledgeable to address rapid execution at lower cost is the prime directive.

Optimization along the number of parameters impacting the manufacturing process and its output can now be tackled by informatics technology supported systems. These approaches are more and more becoming an integrated necessity in process development. We are going to present experiences collected via Umetrics services with CHOptimizer on how the efforts in upstream process optimization can be slimmed down without losing valuable information.

In a discussion with Conny Vikström, Principal Data Scientist at Umetrics, we will investigate how Design of Experiment (DoE) approaches advance media development and promote a faster and more educated way of co-optimization process and media specific to the user’s cells leading to a significant reduction of development time, higher productivity and reduced risk.

Join and challenge us to find out how these principles can be applied to your processes and why you might not have taken all optimization possibilities into account, yet.

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Presented by

Andreas Wiesner, Global Product Manager Protein Production Media Services, Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Andreas has been working on industrial cell culture processes for the last 9 years in the fields of bioprocessing, cell therapy and diagnostics. He has broad experience on addressing the challenges of the CAR-T production process with industrial customers in his previous role, establishing partnerships to develop end-to-end manufacturing solutions. In his current position as Global Product Manager for Protein Manufacturing Media Services he is looking beyond the liquid and powder in bags to establish integrated solutions providing a greater benefit than the sum of their components for the biopharmaceutical upstream market.


Conny Vikström, Principal Data Scientist, Umetrics

Conny has more than 30 years of experience in multivariate data analysis. Being one of the founding members of Umetrics he has applied his broad skill set in Design of Experiment implementation in a variety of industries such as oil and gas, chemical manufacturing and pharma. He developed a strong focus on biopharmaceutical manufacturing and has been an executive consultant for industry partners like Roche and Astra Zeneca. In his current role as Principal Data Scientist and Product Manager for the MODDE software at Umetrics, Conny provides comprehensive training and counselling for the implementation of good practices of DoE along the entire biomanufacturing process from cell line development over media optimization down to purification strategies.

Learning objectives
  • How to identify aspects of optimization that really matter.
  • How to make experimental setups manageable without missing out on read-out.
  • How to plan a Design-of-Experiment strategy according to specific experimental challenges.
  • Process Development Scientists
  • Process Development Managers
  • Process Engineers
  • Engineering Directors
  • VP Process Development
  • CEO
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