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New EU Clinical Trials Regulation Webinar


On 13th July we had our first session of this webinar together with more than 20 people though it was Sunday. On the 14th of August, we had the 2nd edition of the webinar which also turned out to be a great success for everyone involved, which is why we are happy to announce that we are releasing the recording of the session.

On 16th of June, 2014 out came the new Clinical Trials Regulation to replace the old Directive (2001/20/EC). It is essential for all involved in the Clinical Research Industry to familiarize themselves with the new Regulation, which is why Astra Nova Training is organizing a webinar on the subject in order to help your transition into the new Regulation which is enforced by law.

Prices: 65 GBP

The recording covers the differences implemented in the new regulation, as opposed to what was important and focused on in the old Directive. The training will cover everything new, like the simplified reporting structure in clinical trials, public access to trial data and transparency, two-fold assessments of clinical studies, non-disclosure of confidential data, and others.

Who would benefit from this training:

  • Clinical Research Staff
  • Nursing staff
  • Clinical Trial Investigators
  • CRAs
  • Clinical Studies Sponsors
  • Clinical Operation Managers
  • Quality Assurance/Compliance Managers
  • Regulatory affairs staff
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