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Brian Bauer
Senior Sales Executive

Preparing to Sample Cold Chain Product


Today’s rapidly changing pharmaceutical development pipelines are producing increasing numbers of large molecule products and biopharmaceuticals for specialized therapies. As a result, there are an ever growing number of products that require cold chain storage and fulfilment, with associated product quality and integrity concerns. 

Manufacturers are sampling these products either through representative carry or, more predominantly, “sample send” programs (e.g. Direct to Practitioner – DTP). In many cases, manufacturers are facing the challenges of handling these types of products for the first time within their DTP programs. Among the challenges they face are determining best channel for sampling, ensuring appropriate temperature controls from storage to final delivery, and choosing suitable packaging solutions.

This webinar will touch upon those challenges and will identify various ways that the industry is addressing these concerns.

Join us on June 7th at 3PM London/10AM New York. In addition to discussing how these challenges are being addressed, this webinar will provide examples of how Priority Solutions International is deploying flexible solutions to ensure secure, efficient and cost-effective cold chain sample send programs. The webinar will conclude with top considerations when preparing for implementation.

Presented by

Brian Bauer, Senior Sales Executive

Brian Bauer is an industry recognized expert in the area of PDMA compliance, sample accountability applications and industry sampling solutions trends, with over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical arena. Brian joined Priority Solutions International in 2007 and was responsible initially for building a “best in class” Direct to Practitioner platform at the company along with other turnkey program support mechanisms. He is the architect of many of the existing and successful sample send programs that support top tier pharmaceutical manufacturers today.  Brian has played a leadership role on numerous PDMA assessment and audit teams, and has directed organizational redesign and implementation initiatives based on the output of the assessment/audit activities. In addition to his background in compliance, Brian’s expertise extends to Patient Assistance Programs and Alternative Sampling Channels. Brian has maintained a finger on the pulse of the pharmaceutical industry and the changes within the current sampling arena, and how companies are addressing and adapting to this new business environment.

Learning objectives
  • Understanding the pro’s and con’s of Sample Carry vs. Sample Send programs
  • Reviewing best practices for maintaining product integrity during fulfilment & distribution
  • Selecting the best packaging/shipper solution based on temperature & seasonal needs
  • Preparing for Implementation: Top considerations
  • Sales Operations
  • Sample Operations
  • Commercial Operations
  • Marketing Operations
  • Sample Compliance
  • Sample Accountability
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Compliance
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