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What are Astra Nova’s Top 5 Online Clinical Research Courses?

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Published - 24.Mar.2016
Top 5 Online Clinical Research Courses

Proper education and sufficient training in the field of clinical research both have gained and continue to gain bigger importance during the last years. While 10 years ago, for instance, it might have been enough for a person to be given a specific job description with the expectation that he/she would be able to fit in the position one way or another. With the help of qualified mentors, jumping into a completely new role proved to be much easier even when one didn’t have a lot of experience in the sector behind his/her back. In her article “The Evolution of a Clinical Research Trainer”, Michelle Pearsall, BA, CCRA, who began her career life as a clinical research coordinator, points out that “As I was certainly not experienced, I needed guidance that was not available to me. Luckily, I was blessed with a couple of supportive clinical research associates (CRA’s) who mentored me in my role as a study coordinator and challenged me to learn more about the industry.” However, things seem to be quite different now so relying just on the guidance of a good mentor is not enough. The medical reality progresses at a tremendous pace and this quick tempo requires fast learning and rapid processes of acquiring new skills, while simultaneously juggling with regular multi-tasking. It looks a bit impossible, or at least difficult, doesn’t it? Still, it is doable.

Newcomers to the clinical research industry and already acclaimed professionals have the blessing of different modern-day opportunities. What do we mean by that? Since the Clinical, Medical and Pharmaceutical sectors keep up with various technological developments and adopt new trends as well as practices, it comes natural to believe that they are also capable of providing advanced techniques for knowledge improvement in the form of e-learning, online training, courses, workshops and others.

In this regard, we at Astra Nova also realise the significance of such processes. Therefore our network of trainers offers a huge number of certification courses which will enable anyone involved with clinical research to expand their scope and gain bigger career value.

Here’s a list of top 5 online clinical research courses delivered by us:

In order to be a true professional when it comes to pharma and clinical trials it is of a great importance to come to grips with the foundation of good practices – regulations, national and international laws, principles and requirements. For this reason, our GCP course combines interactive methods with the hottest industry topics, visuals, case studies and practical tests. But above all, it allows you to learn at your own pace. The course is suitable for investigators, clinical trials support staff, research nurses, ethics committee members and others.

Time-efficient, cost-effective and valuable. These are just some of the definitions written and provided for this course from various trainees all around the world. By taking this course, sites working on guaranteeing the safety testing of potential drugs as well as other chemical or biochemical materials will benefit from professional interpretation and analysis of GLP regulations, explanation of key terms, charts, figures and tables. What is more, the GLP course will provide participants with a thorough introduction to the relevance of appropriate documentation, relevant validation and maintenance of instruments.

This course delivers a comprehensive understanding of the regulations, terminology and authorised practices that will ensure GMP compliance. It also covers in detail common issues in regards to the responsibilities and roles of the personnel involved in manufacturing, planning, monitoring, documenting, recording and deviation management.

The across-the-board delivery of pharmaceuticals and other drug or medicinal products is a vital activity in terms of the supply chain management. In some cases, the good integrity and quality of these products can be put at risk or damaged due to inadequate control. If you are involved in any phase or aspect of distributing pharmaceuticals, our online training on Good Distribution Practices will teach you how to avoid such disadvantageous tendencies and how do integrate the most efficient tools into your daily tasks.

  • Pharmacovigilance

In our attempt to propose ultimate usefulness, we combined theory and practice and highlighted it with thorough content as well as easy to comprehend explanations. We offer a choice of advanced and introductory Pharmacovigilance training in order to answer to clients’ needs in the best possible way. While the formal one unfolds a full scope of advanced processes, practices and techniques vital to the notion of drug safety, the latter presents with basic principles and drug-related issues that may occur.

There are also a number of subcategories under each of the main GxP online course and an abundance of in-house and free courses too. 


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